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Tuition Appeals Committee Application Guidelines

The Tuition Appeals Committee will review appeals for a reduction of tuition charges for extenuating and unforeseen circumstances that take place only within the first three weeks of the Fall or Spring semester or within 2 days of the start of Summer sessions

Every student is responsible for knowing how to register for classes, whether directly online through CUNYfirst or through an advisor.  It is also your responsibility to know what classes you are registered for and to pay your bill on time before the start of each term.  Even if you do not attend classes, you must pay tuition and fees.  In order to be guaranteed a full cancellation of tuition and fees, you must drop your classes online, through CUNYfirst or at the Registrar’s office before the term begins. Students withdrawing from one or more classes during the first three weeks of the term will be charged according to our published Tuition Refund Schedule.   For more information, please refer to CUNY’s Tuition and Fee Manual ( Relying on the school to cancel registration for non-payment is not a valid reason for submitting a Tuition Appeal.

Please remember you are fully charged for all classes assigned a WN grade.  Non-attendance is not a valid reason for a cancellation of tuition charges.  Similarly, a medical withdrawal from the college does not guarantee a reduction of tuition.

Since students can now register and withdraw from courses online at any time, supporting documentation needs to validate your reason for not being able to withdraw before the start of the term or within the first three weeks. This may include hospitalization papers documenting dates of admittance and discharge from a hospital, call to military service, etc.  Doctor’s notes are not always sufficient enough to have tuition charges reduced.

The Committee will review your explanation as well as the following:

  1. Enrollment history which includes dates of registration, change of program, withdrawals and cancellations
  2. FAFSA application dates, Financial aid award dates, Missing Information Notices, dates of disbursed financial aid
  3. Payment dates amounts and refunds
  4. Grades

If approved, all or part of tuition will be waived in accordance to our published Tuition Refund Schedule.  Fees cannot be waived.  Not all appeals are approved and fees cannot be waived after the start of the termThe decision of the Committee is final. Students are not encouraged to submit their appeal unless they have additional documentation to support the original appeal if their extenuating circumstance took place after the third week of the Fall or Spring term or two days of a Summer session. Unless additional documentation to support the original appeal is submitted, a second appeal will not be reviewed.

The Committee’s decision will be emailed to you within two weeks.  If you have any questions about the decision, you can email the Tuitions Appeal Committee with your question and provide a phone number if you prefer a callback.